Financial PlanningFinances can be a touchy subject for many people. We have all at some stage of our lives spent more money than we probably should have, leaving us in a little financial trouble. If you haven’t already, it’s probably about time that you take a step towards preparing for your financial future. With debt to pay off and life getting as busy as it does, many people don’t take the time out to think about or start planning for the future.

Finding a good financial adviser is very important. Not only are they able to help you assess your current financial situation but they also assist you in taking proactive steps towards planning and saving for the years to come. Ensuring personal financial success brings with it the relief and peace of mind about your current as well as future status.

There are various aspects that a financial advisor will be able to assist you with. It is vital that if you wish to move towards a stress free future that you do certain things to ensure that you and your loved ones are covered.

Here are some great tips that you can exercise in your financial life.

▪ Put a Will together

▪ Select a credit card (if necessary) with no annual fee, low interest rate and a long interest free period

▪ Pay off a credit card before the balance is due (do so with cash and NOT another credit card.)

▪ Ensure that you have AT LEAST a basic medical aid cover

▪ Life insurance is vital if you are married or have children

▪ Make monthly payments to your retirement fund

▪ Keep 6 month’s expenses in the highest earning at call internet savings account

▪ Invest any spare money

If you have trouble maintaining these important financial moves, you should seek the help of a financial advisor. The assistance will help you in the long run and will certainly take away some of the financial stress that you may be dealing with.

Retirement PlanningRetirement is known to be some of the most enjoyable years of a person’s life. You work for years on end to provide, support and try live the best life possible. When the time comes to enjoying retirement, you want to be able to live comfortably and not have to worry about financial problems.

Why should I plan for retirement?

Saving money in a bank account is just not safe enough. With the risk of inflation affecting the buying power of your cash, you need to find a trustworthy way to grow your money. This ensures that you will have secure future and financial stability.

Planning your retirement is one of the best decisions that you can make to ensure that you have fewer problems to deal with later. Knowing that you have a security blanket set in place for the future offers comfort and peace of mind. The sooner that you start thinking about and actually plan for your retirement, the more you will appreciate it in the long run.

Retirement Funding

A great way to save money for your retirement is with retirement annuities. All the money that you save is within limits, tax deductable. The capital however cannot be accessed before you have retired. Should you happen to go insolvent, you can rest assured, knowing that your retirement investment is protected by creditors.

Retirement Income

Once you have retired from a retirement fund or retirement annuity, you will need to purchase a living or life annuity. This will ensure that once you have retired you will have a monthly income.

Finding the right advice for your retirement planning

Finding a good advisor is highly recommended when it comes to looking for advice about retirement planning. This will help you understand the different options that you have as well as structure and maintain the retirement plan that you have chosen. Your advisor will assess your changing financial circumstances and assist you in making the most out of your current situation.

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