I truly believe that family is the most important part of life. Putting family first and spending as much time with them as possible is my priority. I am a dedicated husband and a very proud father of three. I live my life not by excellence alone, but rather by the choices I make. I build dynamic friendships based on the respect I share towards others and how I place integrity above profits. I measure my true success by the professional and personal relationships I have developed over the years.

Although I am committed to my job and serious about business, I enjoy being a sociable person. Having a braai and spending quality time with friends and of course family allows me to relax and appreciate the smaller parts of life.

I love to stock up on the truly South African delicacy of biltong that I make myself. I find a thrill in hunting on a winter’s night; the bush just puts me into my element. Once a year the whole family gets together and we enjoy hunting in our pack. This extra time together allows us to enjoy each other’s company and of course bring about some competition between us hunters.

I enjoy staying healthy and gym allows me some time during the day to take my mind off everything and enjoy a good workout. This too keeps me motivated.

When I’m at home with the family, we enjoy watching movies: with popcorn of course and taking the dogs out for walks. This allows us to spend quality time together as a family which as I mentioned is a fundamental part of my life.

I am also a passionate traveler and when we are lucky enough to go overseas, we use the opportunity to see as much as possible and experience as many new parts of life as we can

Learning, living and enjoying life inspires me to achieve the things that I have to this day and to wake up each morning ready conquer what comes my way.