Financial Advice

Personal Financial Planning and Analytics: A comprehensive analysis of a client’s present and future needs in terms of death, disability, retirement financial planning and financial protection. This is accompanied by sound financial solutions.

Business Assurance: Planning for the death, disability or retirement of key-personnel, partners or members and the financing of such an event.

Retirement and Investment Planning: Specialist Financial Advisors will compile a cash flow schedule based on your investment planning to ensure that adequate provision is made for your golden years.

Asset Risk Management

▪ Our personal insurance covers household contents, buildings, all risk insurance, personal liability, personal accident and private vehicles.

▪ Our commercial and corporate insurance covers office/factory contents, business vehicles, fire damage, business interruption and public liability.

▪ Our other specialized insurance services covers heavy vehicles and transit, aviation, goods in transit, agricultural, fleet, travel, plant, mining and motor dealers insurance.

▪ All of our insurance services are backed up by a personal and efficient service.

Wealth Management

This is an effective management of unit trust through a managed portfolio.

Retirement Planning: We have many years of experience in helping clients set up portfolios of investments that can provide a secure income throughout retirement, which will overcome the long term effects of inflation.

Risk Management: Prevention of risks is always easier than trying to fix the effects once it has happened. We can’t see into the future, but can advise on how to prevent unnecessary risks. We ensure that your dreams and lifestyle does not need to change if the unpredictable strikes.

Employee Benefits

Provident and Preservation Funds: Individual funds are managed on your behalf. Services also include advice on the formulation of fund rules, the structuring of fund benefits, taking into account all the relevant legislation and impending changes in the retirement and tax environment. Amongst our clients are major industry players in the mining sector as well as in the professional services sector.

Pension and Retirement Funds: Experts that can assist in all fields, from actuarial services to administration and investment, are available. Specific products demonstrate our ability to be innovative and be leaders in this industry segment. We also have the ability to structure schemes, which optimize member and employer benefits, costs, and tax concessions.

Group Assurance: We provide efficient administration and outstanding rates for Group Life, Income Protection, Disability and Dread Disease Group Schemes.


We are proud to be more than just a broker; we look after all your healthcare insurance needs so that you can enjoy the smaller pleasures in life.

Through regular visits by our consultants, you are ensured of ongoing support. Smooth administration procedures are in place and our effective in-house department means no telephone queues when phoning. Healthcare advice is based on thorough needs analyses and products include Medical Funds, ranging from comprehensive to hospital plans.

With us, you and your family can look back on a healthy life, enjoyed to the fullest!

Estate Planning

▪ Estate and Estate Duty Planning

▪ Trusts and Wills

▪ Purchase and Sale in respect of CC’s, Companies and or Partnerships

▪ Collaborative Agreements for CC’s, Companies and or Partnerships