I established the Brokerage with the aim of specializing in Medical Aid Funds, Long Term, Short Term as well as Pension Funds. I established Oosthuizen Brokers in 1996 and have been an agent of Momentum for the last three years. In this time, I have received a number of Momentum Diamond and Platinum awards. In 2009, I was named the Number One Agent for Momentum. I have also been lucky enough to receive the Lirma International Quality Award.

Through much hard work, specialization, performance and comprehensive knowledge of the industry,    Oosthuizen Brokers has grown rapidly and was proudly presented with the “High Flyers” award in 2000. Being 5th nationally, today Oosthuizen’s Brokers is currently one of the four brokerages in the Fedhealth V.I.P and Momentum Health V.I.P units.

Although I personally have much experience in the Brokerage industry, I have ample knowledge in Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Funds at Work, Specialized Risk for Mines and Short Term Insurance spheres.

Oosthuizen’s Brokers have access to approximately fifteen medical aid funds. The major of these include:

▪ Discovery Health

▪ FedHealth

▪ Keyhealth

▪ Oxygen

▪ Momentum

▪ Bestmed

▪ Medscheme (all of their products)

As well as the above mentioned companies, we at Oosthuizen’s Brokers have also established ourselves in the Life industry and Funeral Benefits industry. This has been a new and fast growing development for us over the last three years. With this experience under our belt, we are able to offer clients a longer list of services.

▪ Pension and Provident Funds

▪ Post Retirement Medical Funds

▪ Funeral Benefits

▪ Tax Returns for salaried staff

▪ Bond Finance

▪ Long Term Insurance Summary

▪ Estate Planning and Wills

▪ Short term insurance

▪ Pensioners Benefits

The incorporation of the above services has given Oosthuizen’s Brokers the chance to expand and deliver a superior and comprehensive financial service to all our clients on both an individual and corporate level.

We are proud to mention that due to excellent service we have built long-standing relationships with our existing client base over the past fourteen years.  It is our intention to achieve the same with our future clients.

Oosthuizen’s Brokers are geared towards providing excellent service to small and large groups and will ensure that we adapt according to the client’s needs and all other requirements.